Ivory Tower Broadcast, 2014

Sometimes you just have an ear for certain things. There are plenty of styles of music that, to me, are intriguing (or I'm exploring). Those can be fraught with pitfalls or bad choices, as I don't yet have a clear enough grasp of what it is that is attracting me. Good old-fashioned, dubby techno? I can sort through a stack of artists I've never once heard before in a minutes; just skipping and blipping through. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. I comfortable enough with what I like in the genre that I don't worry about too much about these snap judgements. I was skimming like this when I stumbled upon Stewart Walker's Ivory Tower Broadcast. It's got all the accoutrements of a modern electronica platter: carefully sculpted dynamics, lush warm tones, thick but clear low end. Walker's got a good hand with rhythm though, throwing a skip step in here and there to keep things interesting. There are differences in make-up of dance music that I believe I can objectively hear, but have a hard time explaining. What makes one clockwork beat more compelling than another? How does one endless repetition transcend when another simply plods on? It's damn hard for me to tell you, but what I can tell you, is Ivory Tower Broadcast transcends.


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